Monday, July 7, 2008

Chaos Theory : 'God in details'

Since I was in school  I would always have this weird thought in my mind that -- "This thing wouldnt have happened the way it is hapenning had I not done what I did that time" Eeeeks confusing...ok here's an excerpt from a conversation with my friend..."Hey jammu you know what,if I hadnt dropped my pen an hour ago,things would have been on a different track right now",,,his reply and the rest of the excerpt I cant type here as it had lot of F*** bombs. Whatever, then one fien day while surfing on the net I came to read about - The Chaos Theory, and I knew I wasnt insane. 

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

Simply put chaos is measurement of randomness or disorder.


The phenomenon, common to chaos theory, is also known as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Just a small change in the initial conditions can drastically change the long-term behavior of a system. Such a small amount of difference in a measurement might be considered experimental noise, background noise, or an inaccuracy of the equipment.

Chaos theory has found lots of application varying from economics to biological sciences.

to be continued...


Nature teaches us a lot about freedom. None of the plants , clouds, mountains ,valleys ,plains show resemblance, they are all unique.The pattern of leaves, the petals of flowers.Nature gave us the freedom of choice, choice as in 'i like red', 'he likes blue','i like cabbages' and 'u like bitter gourd'. These choices add a uniqueness and actually shape up one's personality.This world would have been seriously depressing,were it all black and white. So its against the Nature to supress one's freedom, one's freedom of choice,of thought,of expression. So feel free and put your colours on.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MBA -- " Main Bhi Aaya "

Some 3 years ago, while i was in college, i saw this herd of people marching with this "MBA" anthem on their lips, making those who didnt want to jump on their band-wagon feel miserable. Even i was shaken n stirred, looking at this mass hysteria.
So i went to some 3-4 friends of mine (who had by that time enrolled for mba coachings) and asked the same question to al of them - " why mba ? ". The answers that they all gave can be summarized as --" Engineering and mba makes a lethal combo" ; "Because that's what everybody does after engineering";"I couldnt think of anything else ".
Astonishing as it may sound, people in india dont have a choice. Till graduation level we can enjoy flexibilities along with a decent standard of education(like iit's, rec's and lots of other colleges). But as we go hunting for P.G. colleges we dont have that much flexibilities and choices, nor is the indian system that accomodating for research people. You dont get a lucrative job ,moreover research work is pain in the ass, as we still lack the infrastructure required for a world class research centre.
For instance,during my 4 years tenure of in biotechnology, our studies were more theoretically inclined rather than research and practicals. The most advanced equipment ,that we got to lay our hands and thus became dextrous working on with was this 4 feet tall- "autoclave" ( a biotech lingo-jingo for pressure cooker). Even during our practical exams we would get done with those so trivial 'lab experiments' in a jiffy. But still there was a batch of people who were immensly in love with biotechnology and had firm faith that it will definitely make it to the mainstream, despite those hollow claims,which tipped biotech as the next boom. So the people from that faithful lot went on for their ms(us /australia/germany). But some of those faithful lot, who couldnt afford MS tried for J.N.U ,while the rest of them joined somewhere as research fellows(again honing their skills at autoclave and slide smear experiments). But the indian counterpart of that faithful lot is still struggling to carve out a niche for themselves in the biotech industry. Eventually most of them gave up under the peer pressure of financial stability,and are pursuing some short term management courses or aligning their last sem projects on terms of management/market research.
I myself, joined btech. biotech under the impression created by media ,that biotech is going to be the next boom, also i hated computers coz of the way we were taught computers during our school days, i found it immensely boring. Moreover i had no reasons to go for an MBA, as i didnt want to end up doing the same mistake again,when i decided to go for biotech.So i decided to go for an introspection as to what to do after my graduation.I went to my college library and came out with piles of these "whatever i could lay my hands on" books. For some 2-3 months i was in this indefinite while loop of 'going to the library, issuing books , having a glance , return(book) '. Finally that while() loop came to Ctrl+D(end) , as i found myself stuck with linux and that passion finally landed me with a job in the C.S. domain. But now im haunted by the thoughts of 'growth' 3 years down the line in this domain. And the only choice im hovering over right now is MBA. Though i dont have reasons strong enough to go for it right now.
So the situation is clear, its like we dont have too many options in india. We have responsibilities (financial and others) and we want to enjoy life,and for that we need a hefty pay package, which comes easily with a mba degree. So may be , in near future , i myself too will join this band-wagon of "M.B.A."(main bhi aaya).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Being free is being "COOL"

Everyday i hear these advertisements and posters,screaming out the definition of "COOL", and how to transform yourself,if you are not.
People who dont smoke/drink for instance are straightaway labelled as uncool. Why ?? Because they dont cater to the definitions laid out by the advertisement/media industry,wherein a smoker can easily win over a girl,coz its supposed to reflect his machismo.
Though you are choosing not live that life,but still your freedom of choice is labelled as "UNCOOL".
While the same person who fags,confined under the contraints and definitions of "manliness" and "cool" as laid by media considers his action as "COOL" and "LIBRE".What kind of freedom is this,wherein your thoughts and actions are supposed to cater to some dynamic definitions.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

why MS is so mulish ?

Ive been a dedicated user of linux since december 2005, and the very first time i laid my hands on it,all my window panes went down.The very first thing i noticed while installing linux was its bootloader - Grub/Lilo.
Its ability to check for the presence of other operating systems (linux or windows) and its ability to load them in boot list. So one can easily switch over to os of their choice and not to forget the flashy "bootsplash" screen.While windows people have been following the policy of monopoly,so much so that they stench of it.If you ever tried installing windows over linux,you'd have noticed that it doesnt detect any other os apart from any previous windows installation.The windows bootloader will out of mercy wipe off any other os. I thought that vista would be loaded with a bootloader ala GRUB/LILO,but in vain.Though,even after that an intermediate/expert user can recover his linux installation. But the thing that im pointing here is "the attitude",though an expert can always recover from issues like this,but its the attitude of MS and its so obstinate,that even a basic bootloader screams of it. As it wipes off your linux from the boot sector,it screams of the perennial windows monopoly,that "if u cant win them,just buy/wipe them out"