Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Open Sauce

The essence of linux lies in the fact that its all open to you,unmuffled, like a flower waiting to be unfurled. It resurfaces the age old perpetual practice of sharing knowledge,because that’s the reason behind existence of human race over all those years of calamities. You cut the communication and the system is back to the B.C.’s.

A scientist spends all his life,discovering something and puts it down on a paper. People read it and voila,,,, what took them just a couple of hours or days to gulp down ,took an effort of a lifetime for that scientist.

Some guy tunes it and tweaks it and you get something novel and more efficient

That’s how it works – the knowledge sharing that is.

And that’s the reason behind enormous popularity and resurgence of linux, it lets people communicate, contribute and volunteer.

So dip your fingers, coz this sauce is lip smacking, and the taste ,,its just keeps getting succulent. And a tweak in the recipe is always invited and cordially recepted.


vijaita said...

Good going man...

Amit said...

good job bandhuuuu

hume bhi ............